Ryerson's AIAS Chapter is a professional organization that serves as the official voice of architecture students. We are the only Canadian chapter located at 325 Church Street, Toronto.

MOSAIC is organized by a board of 9 hardworking archies (along with the help of many along the way!) who are excited to plan and host the 2017 AIAS Northeast Quad Conference.


Briana-Nicole Zitella QUAD Chair

Nickname: Bri
Year: 4th
Event most excited for: Construction Site Visit
Favourite building in Toronto: Mies van der Rohe - TD Centre
Hobbies: Concerts. Reading. Trying new restaurants in the city.
Fun fact: Best chocolate chip cookies in Toronto @ Portland Variety


Abhishek Wagle Chapter President

Nickname: Abhi
Year: Third Year
Event most excited for: Gotta say the Lecture by Partisans
Favourite building in Toronto: The Hearn ,an old abandoned building from the 1950s
Hobbies: I love Dancing! Breakdance, Salsa, Cha Cha, Bocatta, and the good old worm. I hope you all get to enjoy Toronto as much as I have!

DSC_0455 (2).JPG

Anthony Baduria Treasurer

Year: 3rd
Event most excited for: Beaux Arts Ball and Keynotes
Favourite building in Toronto: Allen Lambert Galleria by Santiago Calatrava
Hobbies: Basketball, boxing, exploring and learning new things (makes life a little more colorful)

I believe architecture is all about how much love you invest in the people. You will be designing spaces for all sorts of individuals and you need to figure out how they will interact, experience and ultimately live their lives. A mixture of dedication, communication, understanding, expression, and motivation for the users makes great architecture. I want to be an architect who responds to anyone's troubles by using the experiences I gain to form solutions that will lead to a more equal and brighter future.

So as such, I am incredibly excited to see all you unique and beautiful people down here in Toronto (aka To-ron-no/The 6/T-dot). I promise that you will have an absolute blast in Canada's mosaic city of diversity!


Mariam Elzein Fabrication & Technology Stream Coordinator

Nickname: M.E.
Year: 3rd
Event most excited for: The Virtual Reality event!
Favourite building in Toronto: TD Centre
Hobbies: Sleep

Looking forward to exploring Toronto with the #NorthEastBeasts!!!


Adrian Chîu Sustainability Stream Coordinator

Nickname: Age
Year: 3rd
Event most excited for: Sugar Shack at the Kortright Centre
Favourite building in Toronto: TD Centre
Hobbies: Art, Video Games, Surfing

Julie Guevara.jpg

Julianne Guevera Arts & Culture Stream Coordinator

Nickname: Julie
Year: 2nd
Event most excited for: Beaux Arts Ball
Favourite building in Toronto: TD Centre
Hobbies: Playing with my cat, riding my bike, and taking film photos


Juan Paolo Pangan Jabile Historical Context Stream Coordinator

Nickname: Paolo
Year: 3rd
Event most excited for: The charette
Favourite building in Toronto: The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)
Hobbies: Going to art exhibits, calligraphy

13775502_10210137006643972_5056026138943226030_n - Noeline Tharshan.jpg

Noeline Tharshan Sponsorship Coordinator

Nickname: Nols/No-no
Year: 3rd
Event most excited for: Evergreen Brick Works
Favourite building in Toronto: Four Seasons Centre, The Gardiner Museum, Aga Kahn Museum, the TD Centre, Brookfield Place, National Ballet School, and Scarborough Civic Centre Library
Hobbies: going on adventures, reading, travelling

I'm looking forward to seeing all the hard work come together and networking with other architecture students outside of Toronto :)

Website Photo.jpg

Michael Hankus Graphics and Marketing Coordinator

Nickname: Hankuskus
Year: 4th
Event most excited for: Virtual Reality
Favourite building in Toronto: Brookfield Place
Hobbies: Music, Guitar, Cinematography, Hiking, Parkour


Agnes Yuen Graphics and Volunteer Coordinator

Year: 2nd
Event most excited for: Beaux-Arts Ball ... Can't wait to see everyone dolled up! :)
Favourite building in Toronto: Aga Khan Museum
Hobbies: Go on adventures, take photos, food
Fun fact: I love my pet hedgehog, Pudgy!


Luisa Gonzalez Public Relations Coordinator

Nickname: Lu
Year: 2nd
Event most excited for: Virtual Reality
Favourite building in Toronto: Bar Raval
Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Travelling, Music Festivals
Fun fact: The U of T campus has a food truck with the best poutine in Toronto


John Zhang QUAD

Nickname: Jz
Year: 4th Year
Event most excited for: Bueax Arts Ball
Favourite building in Toronto: Art Gallery of Ontario
Hobbies: Model Making
Optional Comment.


Rachel Luu Chapter Treasurer

Nickname: Raquel
Year: Third year
Event most excited for: Kortright Archetype Tour + Sugar Shack Workshop
Favourite Building in Toronto: Brookfield Place
Hobbies: Avid movie watcher + food enthusiast