Our aim is to showcase Toronto's innovation and development through a distinct set of streams. Students will participate in workshops, seminars, and tours that engage ideas of heritage conservation, sustainability, arts, culture, and fabrication. Together, these elements form Toronto's unique and distinct urban fabric. 


Fabrication & Technology

Evolution in modern technology and methods of fabrication fundamentally shape the future of the global architecture and design industry. The Fabrication & Technology stream will hence brings awareness to the technological advances that are currently shaping and changing the architecture of Toronto.



Toronto’s <extreme seasonal differences and many winding streams> presents unique challenges for environmental sustainability. This stream is an exploration of how Toronto faces the issues of energy efficiency and natural preservation in an urban context.

Arts and culture.png

Arts & Culture

This stream gives participants an extensive look at Toronto's many cultural hubs and allows them to discover how they are integrated within the urban context to give Toronto its cultural identity. Students will intimately explore a broad selection of museums and other <cultural architecture> to get a sense of Toronto as a centre for creativity.


Historic Context

In recent years, Toronto has experienced an unprecedented boom in new  developments in and around the city. This stream explores the different approaches new developments to the existing historical urban fabric.